As i sit here in Starbucks sipping an iced americano, i realize just how much I hate this place. Don’t get me wrong, Starbucks is nice in the fact that, well, it’s everywhere. You can always rely on the siren to heed your call for caffeine. However, I simply don’t know how much more of the coffee I can take.

When you’ve had really great coffee, it’s so hard to go back to mass-produces cups of…well…not good coffee. Case-in-point Ground Support in SoHo.

When you walk into Ground Support SoHo (located at 399 West Broadway) you’re walking into a completely different kind of coffee house. A room punctuated by wooden benches and chairs is balanced against a simple coffee bar with employees scurrying around to serve excellent brews. A selection of coffee (both simple preparations and the interesting stuff, too) is offered in addition to some stellar baked goods and hot pressed sandwiches.

It sounds pretty normal, right? It’s not. The secret here is the coffee. They serve Intellegentsia coffee, a brand started in Chicago and committed to providing the best coffee possible. They use a form of buying called direct trade, which sounds a lot like what it is. They actually buy the coffee themselves to ensure you’re getting the best beans possible. To learn more about them, check out their mission and selection at

Now, i’m not a brand rep or something stupid like that. I’m simply vouching for the use of quality coffee in your morning cup–something you wont get at Starbucks. Your local coffeehouse (or even Ground SUpport if you happen to live in SoHo) is likely serving a cup of coffee astronomically better than the ‘bucks. And, if your curiousity is piqued by the Intelligentsia brand and you dont have a local brewer, brew some yourself! Save your money, save local growers, and save yourself from bland coffee forever.

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